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As a conscious, caring Doula and Life Coach, I provide all the emotional, educational and physical support you need during pregnancy, labor and beyond. Whether you’re interested in a birthing support, life coaching, postpartum care, or family support, I’m here for you.


Black Mothers Matter!

Ebonie Greene

Ebonie passed shortly after giving birth to her baby girl in 2017. She was my cousin and friend. Her passing has taught me that in New Jersey alone, African American Women are four times more likely to lose their lives during child birth than their counterparts. There are ways women like her can go on to live during childbirth to beat the odds against them in medical settings. There were so many questions and concerns she had. There were so many times she was not being heard during her pregnancy, and this is a major factor in the current Maternal Crisis that we are in.

Ebonie was a gentle spirit and deserved to live a full life here on earth, but her story will not be in vain. Her presence will live on through her mother, children, siblings, all who loved her, and Bellebonie Life Services! 

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About Deyonna:

Deyonna Pope- Certified Prenatal, Labor and Delivery, and Postnatal Doula- has been passionate about mothers and families in the community as long as she can remember. Originally from Trenton, NJ she feels that it is her designed purpose to give back to mothers and families similar to her mother, family and experiences growing up. It has been an undying passion to serve others in hopes that unhealthy generational cycles pertaining to mental, physical/emotional health and financial illiteracy are broken.

Deyonna began her doula work as a community doula for minority women in need of support during pregnancy in hospitals from Central to South Jersey. The majority of her birth work has been done in Capital Health, working with the midwives and medical staff at the Bellevue Clinic. It has been an honor serving her clients apart of community agencies, and now as a freelance Doula under her business Bellebonie Life Services. Bellebonie Life (Doula) Services was inspired by the loss of her very close cousin Ebonie who passed after giving birth. Ever since then, Deyonna has made it her mission that every pregnant woman she comes across feels safe, comfortable, understood and heard during her birth experience. She understands that it is not only important for the client to be heard, but for the medical professionals to have good relationship and experience while doing what they are trained to do. Therefore, a part of Deyonna’s personal mission is to bridge the gap between medical professionals and the patients.

Although a Doula, Child Birth Educator and Reproductive Health and Lactation Counselor, Deyonna’s experience does not stop there. She is a Certified Life Coach, and Case Manager/Housing Ambassador for those living with HIV in Mercer County. She is trained in Narcan and Needle and Syringe Access for HIV prevention, Verbal De-escalation and is also certified to do Trauma Informed Care Screenings.

As a part of her Life Coaching, she hosts wellness workshops focusing on mental health and life skills for young women and families. Deyonna is a wife who loves her family and a friend to many. She will continue to fulfill her mission one woman and family at a time.

“Women are born leaders, nurturers and have the physical ability to create powerful experiences for themselves and others. We must all believe this.” – Deyonna


"I received virtual lactation support from Deyonna. Every suggestion helped within a day. My baby latched almost immediately after the plan she laid out for me, and I was able to adjust to pumping properly as well. I felt so much better!"

Angel S.


"I highly recommend Deyonna for Doula Services. My support family and friends do too. My pregnancy was hard, but with her help I had an amazing delivery! I brought my baby into the world happy, and now he is a happy-energetic 1 year old! I would do this experience all over again!"

T. Woods


"The support from my Doula was life changing... Best experience for a first time mother!"

Natasha P.



Answers to your Questions

It is important that you feel safe, heard and empowered while bettering yourself during life changing experiences! If you still haven’t found the answer you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

What is the difference between a Doula and a Midwife?

The Doula is a certified professional that provides emotional, physical, and educational advocacy and support to a mother during her childbirth journey. While a Midwife is a licensed professional, trained to deliver your baby. The two roles are often combined during labor and delivery. However doula support can be initiated during  your prenatal, childbirth and postnatal journey.

What is the difference between a therapy and life coaching?

Therapy focuses on mental and emotional areas of your life that you need to work on by giving you tools to implement for improvement in a specific area. A Life Coach focuses on a specific plan that a client wants to achieve in their personal or professional life, working with them to guide them to success instead of giving them the answers. Often clients that work with a life coach feel more independent during this process.

How will hiring a Doula affect my partner’s role during the birth?

A doula is support for mother, baby and family. Your supporting partner is key during this process, and it is only right that your partner feels that their role is just as important during the process as everyone else supporting and involved. At Bellebonie Life Services, we pride ourselves on building and keeping the family together during their journey. (See couples life coaching services for even more information for supporting partners.)

What are your interactions with medical staff like?

Deyonna prides herself on bridging the gap! Having the knowledge of medical practices and holistic practices regarding birth work creates a comfortable environment, better advocacy and good communication for hospital staff and expecting mothers.

Are Doula services and life coaching services covered by insurance?

In most cases, no. In New Jersey these services are to be paid out of pocket so it is clear that this is a healthy investment for yourself. The good thing about Bellebonie Life Services is that we work with many budget/income levels, and payment plans.

How do I go about getting free Doula services?

Bellebonie Life Services is a community centered platform that is on a mission to assist with all things well for women and families however we can. We are linked to a host of referable Doula and Life Coaching services, and we are continuing to build awareness of the need for black women to have access to Doula services. Therefore, Deyonna has taken the initiative to build the Black Mothers Matter Fund with the intent that mothers will have access to funding that will either assist with payments, or if funds available, the services can be paid in full. (See donation tab below.)